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Lawyers in Real estate law

law firm Befana Bagnès


Real estate law

We are able to assist you and represent you before the Luxembourg court in the implementation of real estate operations, in the management of properties and to deal with issues in relation with land ownership, including :


  • Rent lease: drafting and review of residential lease contracts, office lease, professional lease, lease to farm, emphyteutic lease, renewal and termination of lease contracts (letter of termination, inventory, eviction procedure, recovery of rent arrears and charges), preparation and review of amendments
  • Real estate Due-Diligence process: Analysis of the administrative compliance of a building or a property complex via the preparation of reports in the context of complex real estate transactions, including the complete analysis of the rental situation, the identification and the assessment of potential risks, verification of property titles and authorisations in urban and environmental matters (right of establishment, commodo-incommodo, conformity of construction with PAG / PAP / building permit, etc.)
  • Co-ownership: disputes between co-owners or with a syndic, assistance at general meetings, assistance to syndics...
  • Commercial lease (VAT option, registration, preferential renewal, suspension, refurbishment, change of assignment, subletting, right of pre-emption) 
  • Real estate property law: securing real estate acquisitions and sales, preparation and review of letter of intent, promise of sale, surface rights, easement, demarcation, issues with neighbourhood disturbances, joint ownership ...
  • Property Investigations at the Land Registry and Mortgage Office
  • Construction law: drafting and review of contracts related to the construction of a building (business contracts, architectural contracts, subcontracts and temporary partnership contracts), amicable resolution of disputes, formal notice, action to seek the liability of the parties involved in the construction of the property, actions on the merits or applications for urgent measures via summary proceedings, appointment of experts related to defects and poor workmanship
  • Administrative litigation related to the granting or refusal of a building permit