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Lawyers in labour and social security law in Luxembourg

Law firm Befana Bagnès


Labour and social security law

You are an employer

We will advise you and assist you in your decisions to achieve the optimal management of labour law issues that can arise while running your company:


  • Drafting of documents governing the employment relationship (all kind of contracts : fixed-term, permanent, part-time, temporary, student, etc.), negotiation and review of internal regulations, organisation of work plans, etc. 
  • Posting of workers
  • Maternity leave, parental leave 
  • Employee sickness 
  • Work accident, reclassification of employees
  • Issues related to the organisation of working time 
  • Management of the end of the employment relationship (individual and collective dismissals, resignation, termination by mutual agreement, bankruptcy of the employer and settlements) 
  • Staff Representation (Staff Delegates and Joint Works Committees) 
  • Restructuring, transfer of business
  • Disability pension, annuities, retirement pension
  • Health and safety in the workplace


We will defend you in court in the event of a dispute with one or more employee(s).



You are an employee

We will enable you to assert your rights in the company in all circumstances, conflicting or not. We will be at your side to:


  • Help you to have the best response to certain situations such as demotion, an unsolicited change of your employment contract 
  • Assert your rights to maternity and parental leave 
  • Request an arrangement of your working time 
  • Respond appropriately in the event of an illness 
  • Maintain and optimise your skills: benefit from training and possibly training leave
  • Understand the mechanism of staff representation (staff representatives and joint enterprise committees) 
  • Solve harassment problems 
  • Deal with an accident at work, to request a reclassification 
  • Deal with an attachment on your salary 
  • Challenge an individual or collective dismissal 
  • Present your resignation 
  • Terminate your employment agreement by mutual agreement 
  • Negotiate a transaction 
  • Assert your rights in the case of the bankruptcy of your employer